Don’t Wait // Mapei

Desire by Meg Myers

Track Title: Sleep All Summer (Crooked Fingers Cover) ft. St. Vincent

Artist: The National


Sleep All Summer (Crooked Fingers Cover)//The National ft. St Vincent

Habits by Tove Lo

Rescue Song (Remix) // Mr Little Jeans

Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) by Daniela Andrade

Boyfriend by Slowdance

The blonde who’s in a band with her twin
Gives you a lift and idles the engine
Leans over and tells you how it’s gonna be
I know about her. Does she know about me?

Other Boys - Eleanor Friedberger

I left my love in San Francisco.
(That’s okay. I was bored, anyway.)
I left my love in a field.
(That’s okay. I was born in LA.)

San Francisco by Foxygen

Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl - Wet